Family Portraits - Framed By TC

Family Fun (Creating Memories)

These days sharing images of friends and family on social media is common practice, but all too quickly these images disappear into the digital world to be replaced by the ever flowing words of wisdom shared on social media. 

I truly believe that spending some time to get professional images taken and printed is something every family should do. Creating memories for the future just like our relatives did (many years before phones and social media existed). We as a family have pictures of our relatives from over a century ago (when photography was in its infancy) and these help keep alive the memories of our family.

I have a set up in the garage (Portraits In the Garage or P.I.G.) where I can capture images against various backdrops and where we have a laugh capturing the real you on camera.

If you prefer I can come to you and capture you in comfort of your home, or if you and your family have a favourite location we can look capturing memories there.

If you are interested in exploring, having a laugh and making memories, then please get in touch using the button below and let's see what memories we can create for you and your family.